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请问 Thank you everyone for 2 month 这句有错吗, 我用翻译的话变成 谢谢大家2个月。还有for该怎么用呢,不太了解
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记得for 后面的动词要加ing在动词后面
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那Thank you everyone for 2 month 这句有语法错误吗?如果在聊天的时候
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They went out for a walk. 他们出去散步了。

What did you do that for? 你干吗这样做?

That's what we're here for. 这正是我们来的目的。

What's she gone for this time? 她这次去干什么去了?

He was waiting for the bus. 他在等公共汽车。


What can I do for you? 你想要我什么?

We study hard for our motherland. 我们为祖国努力学习。

Would you please carry this for me? 请你替我提这个东西好吗?

Do more exercise for the good of your health. 为了健康你要多运动。


Knives are used for cutting things. 小刀是用来切东西的。

This knife is for cutting bread. 这把小刀是用于切面包的。

It's a machine for slicing bread. 这是切面包的机器。

The doctor gave her some medicine for her cold. 医生给了她一些感冒药。


He went home for his book. 他回家拿书。

He went to his friend for advice. 他去向朋友请教。

She often asked her parents for money. 她经常向父母要钱。

We all hope for success. 我们都盼望成功。

Are you coming in for some tea? 你要不要进来喝点茶?


That's for you. 这是给你的。

Here is a letter for you. 这是你的信。

Have you room for me there? 你那边能给我腾出点地方吗?


I am sorry for it. 对不起。

Thank you for coming to see me. 谢谢你来看我。

You can't see the wood for the trees. 你只见树木,不见森林。

He is famous for his poems. 他因为他的诗出名。

He was sent to prison for robbery. 他因为抢劫而坐牢。

I couldn't speak for laughing. 我笑得说不出话来。

He couldn't sleep for joy. 他高兴得不能入睡。

For several reasons, I'd rather not meet her. 由于种种原因,我宁愿不见她。


Is this bus for Chicago? 这辆公共汽车开往芝加哥吗?

They'll leave for Beijing tomorrow. 明天他们动身去北京。

They set off for the shops. 他们买东西去了。

Is this the train for Shanghai? 这是开往上海的火车吗?

Passengers for Tianjing must change at Beijing. 去天津的旅客必须在北京换车。



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1. 表示时间段:for可用于表示一段时间,例如:

I have been studying English for 3 years.(我已经学习英语三年了。)

She has been working in this company for 10 years.(她已经在这家公司工作十年了。)

2. 表示目的:for可用于表示某事的目的或目标,例如:

She bought a new laptop for work.(她买了一台新笔记本电脑来工作。)

I'm learning Spanish for my upcoming trip to Spain.(我正在学习西班牙语,为即将到来的西班牙之行做准备。)

3. 表示代替:for可用于表示代替或替代,例如:

I will attend the meeting for him.(我将代替他参加会议。)

4. 表示价格或交换:for可用于表示价格或交换,例如:

This dress is on sale for $50.(这条裙子打折价是50美元。)

I'll trade you my book for your CD.(我用我的书和你换你的CD。)

She picked up the phone for her boss.(她代替她的老板接电话。)

5. 表示赞成或支持:for可用于表示赞成或支持某个事物,例如:

I'm for the idea of reducing plastic waste.(我赞成减少塑料垃圾的想法。)

Are you for or against the proposal?(你赞成还是反对这个提议?)

以上这些只 是for的一些常见用法,它还可以用于其他情况,具体用法要根据上下文来理解。
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比如说像马来文的 untuk 一样

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Table of Contents

For 表示動機、目的

For 表示利益、有助益

For 表示一段時間、距離

For 表示作用

For 表示給予、供應某人

For 表示交換、換得

For 表示地點、去向

For 表適合、適於

For 表示動機、目的

第一種使用 for 的場景是為了表示某個動機、目的。

I’m waking up early for the hotel’s fancy breakfast.


For 表示利益、有助益

For 表示利益時,是指對某人或某事有幫助的意思,常見的場景包含勸諫、建議他人改掉壞習慣或者是做某件事來替自己或他人爭取利益。

You should eat more greens because they are good for your health.


What can I do for you?

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U can say:

Thanks all for ou guys' help/support /companion along these days.
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I waiting for your response.
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Humanity had better hope so, anyway, for the truth will soon out for the entire species.不管怎样,人类最好希望如此,因为这种真理将对整个人类显示出来。
He must be in now, for the light in his room is on.
注意:for表示原因时的四个“不能”for引导的从句不能位于它所解释的动词之前、for引导的从句不能位于not, but或任何连词之后、for引导的从句不能用于回答问题、for引导的从句不能单单用来复述已讲过的话,而必须包括新的内容。for引导的从句不能直接说明某一特定动作发生的原因,而只能提供一些起帮助解释作用的附加说明。

I like some bread and milk for breakfast. 我喜欢把面包和牛奶作为早餐。
What will we have for supper? 我们晚餐吃什么?
2)表示动作的对象或接受者,意为“给……”、“对…… (而言)”。如:
Let me pick it up for you. 让我为你捡起来。
Watching TV too much is bad for your health. 看电视太多有害于你的健康。
I usually do the running for an hour in the morning. 我早晨通常跑步一小时。
We will stay there for two days. 我们将在那里逗留两天。
Let's go for a walk. 我们出去散步吧。
I came here for my schoolbag.我来这儿取书包。
I paid twenty yuan for the dictionary. 我花了20元买这本词典。
It's time for school. 到上学的时间了。
Here is a letter for you. 这儿有你的一封信。
Are you for this plan or against it? 你是支持还是反对这个计划?

account for, substitute for, look for, search for, run for (竞选), ask for,be suited for, be responsible for, be famous /known /noted for(因…..而著名),be valuable for,  be appreciated for

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